Creating a connected society

An end user-focused platform solution that brings together all elements of a user’s ‘connected’ device and service world into a single, intuitive interface and experience, stripping away the existing intimidating technological complexity and delivering tangible value to its users.

With a unique focus on usability and Business Logic, our Connective platform is a complementary platform to network operators’ core device and connectivity management platforms that addresses many of the lingering challenges with existing solutions as articulated by both network operators and end users.


“Our vision is that our tenants meet Uppsalahem in the morning and at the end of the day with a constructive, personal and warm message that will be useful and/or reassuring.”

Per Viklund, Business Developer

“With Connective, we have an open platform where, in addition to our own services, we can also provide services and products from selected service providers. It gives the customers the choice to choose the smart home solution they want, and it gives us excellent tools to grow customer loyalty.”

David Lindström, Business Manager

“Thanks to Connective, our customers can easily see the water temperature in their favorite beaches. A simple Smart City service based on LoRa-WAN, providing a great value to our customers.”

Lars Wessman, Business Area Manager, Broadband and Cable TV


Connective is an open, cloud-based platform that allows operators of all sizes to offer services based on IoT, data and information to their customers. Connective opens the platform economy to operators, creates revenue through the delivery of vertical services and most importantly, lets everyone reap the benefits of the connected society, Tech freak or not.

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“The partnership with Indentive further strengthens Artificial Solutions abilities to address new areas of IOT and to explore new customer segments. We are very excited about this partnership and to have Indentive’s IOT platform, Connective, linked to TENEO.”

Gareth Walters
VP Innovation and Community

“Indentive understands the importance of building security into the home IoT network from the ground-up. This proactive strategy will see consumers better protected from hacking and IoT vulnerabilities.”

Jaco Du Plooy
Vice President of IoT Security