Joining the big league

The typical concert consist of artists singing in front of an audience. Plain and simple. Some enhance the experience, making the moment unique, by talking about the place they’re at or letting someone from the audience join them on stage. What if you could get everyone to participate in enhancing the concert experience. Creating the atmosphere together, making it more memorable.

When Veronica Maggio approached us we couldn’t be happier. The ripple effect from LHC Gameday app had reached her and her crew and they wanted it to maximize the experience for one of her upcoming concert. One of Swedens most famous artists wanting our support. When it came to our knowledge that it was an exclusive arena concert at a football stadium in Stockholm we were thrilled. A concert making her the first Swedish female soloartist to fill a stadium. Putting her up there with huge names like Michael Jackson, U2, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, Robbie Williams and so on.


Learning by doing

We learned a lot from creating the LHC Gameday experience, the major difference from the LHC Gameday app was that at a hockey game you know at least days ahead when the puck will be dropped. At a concert the time isn’t nailed on the minute. In this case the light show was supposed to run during two separate songs in the middle of the concert. This had us rethinking the synchronization process and how it should be triggered on every phone. A second issue was how to make the users phones collaborate with the stage lights.


When one unites with 20 000

We improved our original app with a refined way of sending and receiving data making our most accurate synchronization this far. The admin portal was remade to offer the lightning technician capabilities to run the light show on the fly.

Instead of getting every screen to follow the same light pattern we decided to to put a little randomization in to it.

The result was a beautiful pulsating star lit sky with Veronica Maggio floating infront of it. Magical!

And the reception

When you work with a customer who has a huge amount of followers you can see the impact in the numbers. When released Veronica Maggio went trending as one of AppStores most frequent searches generating thousands of downloads in the first couple of days.

And we weren’t the only ones being impressed by the result. The Swedish newspaper Expressen reviewed each song in the concert mentioning the added atmosphere the app created.

What’s next? We’re waiting for your call Zara Larsson!

The project was run together with Fishy Minds.