Collaborating around sustainable business models and solutions

During the fall we have participated in a Science Park Mjärdevi led project, together with a group of a few selected companies, Cleantech Östergötland and Lead Corporate Incubator. The project focused on innovation regarding energy-efficient solutions and business modelling with sustainability in mind.


We contributed with our overall knowledge on smart platform solutions, insights from working with Connective and by sharing our experience from various customer projects, with several leading energy companies in Sweden. During the project, we have had the opportunity to discuss the benefits of new sustainable business models, and how smartly crafted ones can help companies create value and competitive advantages, that directly trigger greater sales and higher margins. The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) was also an active part in this project. It was particularly interesting to learn about their advisory role, and their focus on supporting companies, in order to create a more sustainable Sweden.

During the beginning of 2019, we will continue to work on our business model and explore how we, together with our customers, can develop climate-positive solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Through Connective, we want to contribute to a more long term sustainable living. Furthermore, we will work on becoming even more active in the region, continue to collaborate with the Swedish Energy Agency, and to run projects in collaboration with partners where our solutions generate good sustainable growth.

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