Working environment and health – success factors for competence provision

At Indentive our working environment is a continuous area of focus. We have a career and competence model where discussions on working environment and health are included under the concept #successfullyhealthy.

The concept is a dialogue tool for employees and managers to discuss the various areas that affect the individual and organization from a working environment perspective.

Every employee in Sweden is entitled to a good working environment according to the working environment legislation (AML – Arbetsmiljölagen). The Swedish Working Environment Authority is under the Ministry of Labor and aims to reduce the risks of ill-health and accidents at work and to improve the working environment. The authority conducts regular working environment inspections and they visited us earlier in spring for a dialogue on how we approach and structure our working environment.

HR and the safety representative took part in the meeting and made a presentation of what has been done so far. The presentation received a very positive response from the authority. A first step has been to establish plans, policies and guidelines for how we intend to establish our working environment at Indentive. Together we all will continue working with the implementation – with the main goal of making Indentive an even more attractive workplace from a working environment perspective.

Blodomloppet 2019

Another important aspect is to create a commitment to various health activities. Last week a happy crew from Indentive took part in the annual Blodomloppet, which this year took place for the 23rd year. Indentive had representatives in all categories; 5km running, 10km running and 5km walking.

After a fun and sunny evening exercising together, we ended the night in Stångebrofältet for a picnic in the park.

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