Our ways of working with performance and compensation reviews, and recruitment

The field of Human Resources is extensive, with many HR activities taking place throughout the year, whilst others are time specific.

We’d like to give you an insight into our processes regarding performance review, compensation review and recruitment.

Performance review

According to the wheel of Human Resources, the performance review takes place in January and February followed by a compensation review in March.

Our career and competence model, focusses predominantly on three components;

  • the role description focuses on the definition of “what”
    (responsibilities within each role)
  • the performance review is based on the evaluation of ”how”
    (abilities to perform responsibilities)
  • the development plan is created with focus on “how to develop”
    (where the company’s business plan is also taken into consideration)

Compensation review

Following the performance review we’ll enter the compensation review, which is also based on three components;

  • Competence
  • Goal completion
  • Employeeship

A solid and recurring structure is important to us, to ensure equal treatment and long-term development, both for the individuals in the organisation and for the company.


Recruitment is as always a key focus area for the organisation. At Indentive, we are currently focusing on refining our processes, also looking into how we can attract and retain good team members.

Our recruitment process includes:

  • an initial meeting with a competence based interview
  • case-based technical interviews along with assessments
  • OPQ along with Matrigma for the candidates that move on to the final stages of the process*

*The tests, OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) and Matrigma, are complements to the process and give both parties good information useful when entering an employment.

Since February, we’ve started using a recruitment system, to ensure good information and communication with our applicants. The system is a part of a pilot project with students from Linköpings University who recently started a business to help companies ensure good candidate processes. By providing feedback regarding the system, we get to take part in the project as test users.

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