Teaming up with Peltarion

We met Peltarion for the first time through the IoT-world network, an IoT knowledge hub hosted by Science Park Mjärdevi and financed by IoT-Sweden and Vinnova.

After listening to their presentation and being part of their AI-inspirational workshop, we saw a potential match in our products. Our mission, to make advanced technology accessible and easy to use, goes hand in hand with their mission to make AI technology useable and affordable for all. The synergies of combining Connective, our platform that gathers and connects data, services and devices, with Peltarion’s operational AI platform for producing real-world AI applications, are many. Joining forces allows us both to enhance our offerings and reach out to a broader market.

Well, we fell for each other – in business language, signed a partnership. Our next step together is to find relevant business cases and learn more about each other’s technologies. In February, our people at Indentive will attend an operational AI workshop, learning about how we can use AI to enable new businesses and add more value to our customers. With AI, it’s possible to get real value services out of big data – data that might seem random and difficult to interpret for us humans. Yay for AI!

Want to know more about the partnership?
Indentive’s press release (SWE)
Peltarion’s press release (ENG)

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