How will IoT revolutionize technology?

The IoT hype has been around for a while now and keeps on growing – not just here, inside the doors of Indentive. In Mobilenews article, “The A to Z of IoT, and how it will revolutionise technology”, Paul Lipscombe points to the many opportunities of the technology, many of which we also foresee for the future, by saying “The Internet of Things may be in its infancy at present, but that is about to change – in a big way”.


At Indentive, our goal is to make advanced technology accessible and easy to use. With IoT, we have our most intriguing challenge to date. We’re empathising, exploring and innovating together with our partners, operators and service providers every day with this goal in mind. And as Emil Berthelsen, Gartner’s research director, mentions in the article, “Mobile phones are no longer just phones. In an IoT context they can be seen as a data hub that can carry so many functionalities.” We’ve got endless opportunities.

To help, our open, cloud-based platform Connective allows operators of all sizes to offer services based on IoT, data and information to their customers to let them reap the benefits of the connected society.

Read the article The A to Z of IoT, and how it will revolutionise technology by Paul Lipscombe

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