Build better products faster

What can be achieved in five days? With a versatile team, focus and a proven process – a lot! This was proven once again when we took part in a design sprint with Umeå Energi with the focus on sustainable living, examinating if gamification could act as a motivator and enabler.


The design sprint as method has been out there for a while now. It was developed by Google Ventures and made famous after it was used as a way of helping startups solve problems quickly. A way of building better products faster. The process turns months into a five day trip, going from idea to validated concept.

When working with design-driven development, as we do at Indentive, there are many different processes and methodologies to chose from, however, two things are always in focus – innovation and the users. The design sprint is a great way of innovating with the users in focus. The team gets to learn without building, with a primary focus on the idea and understanding of the problem.

Having customers open to, and with an understanding of the benefits of design is still a luxury. With our customer Umeå Energi, it’s a natural part of their organisation. A perfect match for us. Looking back at the design sprint and what was achieved, from idea to validation, is impressive. The outcome was above expectation, with potential of real innovation and corporate branding. We’re eager to take the next step in the project with Umeå Energi. Start the adventure of creating the real product, hopefully ending up as a part of lots of peoples’ lives.

Sounds interesting? Want to know more about what we actually did and how? Contact us and we’ll tell you over a cup of coffee.

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