CES 2019 – Gadgets galore

A couple of weeks have passed since CES 2019, and it’s time to summarize our impressions. We had two representatives present on the show. It was four full days of meetings, seminars and walks through the many exhibition halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Most days ended over dinner together with customers and partners.

Compared to last year’s exhibition, CES 2019 provided further proof that the IoT market is moving fast. The show was, as expected, overflowing with gadgets of every conceivable kind. In our talks with operators and system integrators we concluded that our product, Connective, is ideally positioned to act as the orchestration and service platform, connecting the gadgets, for their IoT, service and digital transformation needs.

When it comes to the IoT solutions shown; many of the solutions was further refined versions of what was shown last year. An area that showed large growth year-over-year was connected health, but also comfort-solutions regarding everyday appliances like showers, kitchen appliances etc. Voice control was everywhere with the usual suspects, Google and Amazon leading the way.

Most of the companies and solutions are however still relatively specialized in their nature. This made us even more certain that we are on the right track, as the need to build a value generating eco-system, delivered through an operator, needs a solution such as the Connective platform.

To conclude, we found CES, as usual, to be an excellent way to catch up with and extend the business network, meet new potential partners and customers and kick off the new year!

Next stop will be MWC in Barcelona this February. We look forward to meeting your there!

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