Organisational Brand and Culture


At Indentive, we believe our culture is created by all our employees, throughout the company. Together, we defined and agreed our company ethos, or way of working both together internally and with our customers. This is an iterative process which we review regularly, to ensure it best reflects our employee brand. Our company culture can be distilled into four “success factors” which we’ve defined together:

– We are one team
– We add value
– We are decisive
– We respect diversity

We arrived at these factors because, as a company, we felt they best brought together the perspectives and characteristics we strive to champion. Factors we feel help make us the most productive and effective company we can be, all the while having fun together in an innovative and creative environment.

So how did we work our eclectic personalities, skills and experiences down into four factors which corresponded with our company direction and business model? Good question! The branding process began when we built our product organization a couple of years ago. As a part of this process we felt that we needed to update our core values, to make sure they were still aligned to our company mission, whilst continuing to describe the company we want to be.

We held a number of workshops with employees throughout the company, all which prioritized two main ambitions. Firstly, that we could together construct and agree our success factors and, secondly, that we brought our success factors to life with our own experiences and success stories, part of our effort to highlight best practice built throughout the organization.

Today, you’ll find our success factors drive everything we do – how we think, how we work, even how we interact. We even use them as part of our recruitment process and performance review, to make sure we attract and retain. They are a part of our performance review, our concept for health #successfullyhealthy, in our recruitment process, just to name a few examples. It is central to what we do because it provides us with some guidelines on how we work together to create a great working environment.

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