Not just hockey

Enter the arena, sit down, watch the game and go home. Go Linköping Hockey Club! Right? We noticed that’s the typical experience and started figuring how our skills could add something new to it. How to put some technology in to the mix. It drew us to build a digital playground. A possibility to attract a greater audience to Linköping Hockey Clubs games.


Ready. Steady. Light show!

The ambition was set to create something for the crowd that they hadn’t seen before. Something for everyone to take part in, a connection between the hardcore fans and the popcorn eating family.

At first lots of crazy ideas were being thrown around the office. Many hit the trash and a couple of great were penned down. We ended up with one golden to give the digital playground a nice kick off. A light show experience you could describe as a digital tifo.

Joining in made simple

Synchronization is everything. We’ve built a rapid communication between app and backend with minimal data usage to exclude possible connectivity issues. It even works offline, in sync.

With the goal “something for everyone” we wanted to minimize the interaction. We ended up with at buttonless app. Start it up and you’re good to go.

We’re not done

The reception was above expectation ending up in a nomniee for best digital project at Agdagalan 2015. We even got as high as #5 on App Stores Sports category.

As with the squad the app keeps on evolving. With a bunch of new features, some small some big, we’ll keep on implementing to keep the digital playground alive.

The project was run together with Fishy Minds.