For the love of the fans

As one of the better football teams in the country, with a squad filled with stars, Linköping Football Club has a big fanbase. Their social media flourishes with great interaction between fans and players. To widen the experience for the fans LFC came to us.


Exploring the way of playing it

We set the research goal to find elements bringing something new that wouldn’t compete with their social media platform. With fans in all ages it had to be simple yet interesting. During this initial part of the project we discovered the absence of great ways of following a women football teams match. The same way you have hundreds of alternatives when it comes to men.

Game on

LFC Gameday lets the fans interact with the team in other ways than liking or commenting their social media. Following the team wherever you are has gotten easier. Getting push notifications about the latest goal, reading up on the new strikers special traits or voting for the player you think shines the brightest in the game you’re at.

The project was run together with Fishy Minds.

Take a look!