A green app in blue

Jönköping Energi, the local energy company in Jönköping, approached us with the ambition to expand their communication with their customers. Another way for them to spread their vision of creating a healthier and a more environmental friendly society.


Ideate. Prototype. Repeat!

Together with our client we narrowed the content down into four sections. Sustainability tips, Outage information, the typical, not that exciting, About-section and a Quiz. The quiz was created to let the users test their knowledge about sustainability and consumption in a playful way.

After multiple iterations and some rapid prototyping the design got settled and the app put under development.

Cross platform for the win

We ended up developing the app with the PhoneGap framework. A time saving and cost effective way that fit this type of app perfect.

By creating an admin portal parallel with the app we built ourselves out of the process of, in the future, adding or modifying the content.

A quiz? Let me try!