Getting to know the team

Organizing a crowd isn’t the easiest. Especially not if the crowd is a huge group of football supporters who only meet up a couple of times a year.

When Camp Sweden asked us for help we didn’t hesitate. With an office filled with yellow and blue hearted FIFA-professionals the project was of to a flying start.


Pre-game tactics

One kick two goals was what we aimed for this time. Our main goal was to create an app where Camp Sweden could offer the supporters basic information such as news and the chants but also the possibility to reach out with more urgent information like meet up-locations or sudden changes close upon a game.
The second one was to release an information channel to the supporters for the upcoming Euro 2016. With the known issue of barley no internet connection Camp Sweden wanted a way to reach out without using print or social media.


We began by creating a schedule-component displaying activities, games and other events taking place at the camp during Euro 2016. The static information was divided in to camp information for the people living at it and basic supporter information for the people meeting up at each city. We focused on creating everything using minimal data acting as quick as possible. The information was given a last updated-field to give the user a way of keeping track of it being current or not.

In the essential supporter information of the app we added a newsfeed and the chants to start with. We built an admin portal for Camp Sweden enabling them to add relevant information and categories.


Final whistle

The Euro 2016 began and the downloads rocketed way past our expectations. With lots of traffic during the tournament this has given Camp Sweden a great platform for the coming 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Hopefully creating an even more organized group of Swedish supporters traveling Europe spreading the yellow and blue spirit and helping the team qualify for Russia.

The project was run together with Fishy Minds.

Wan’t to be a part of Camp Sweden?