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Our goal is to make advanced technology accessible and easy to use. Streaming a movie, visualizing data and coordinating digital services at home.

Today, when the IoT-revolution is a fact and industries and businesses are at the forefront of technology, we want to make sure that the potential of IoT is unleashed and can be used by everyone. So, we’ve created an open platform that gathers, collects and connects data, services and devices; Connective. Instead of letting things be smart on their own, Connective makes sure they are smart together – connected – for the full user experience.


Our partners

Combining IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Solutions is the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI. Their platform Teneo® makes it possible to use natural languages such as voice, text, touch or gestures to communicate with applications, devices and web services. Through Deep analytics, true machine learning and implicit personalization can be delivered, resulting in greater understanding about an individual, their likes and preferences, through interaction only. The partnership allows us to explore joint initiatives and expand on the capabilities already offered to our existing and future customers. Combining our platforms will allow consumers to easily access and manage a myriad of devices in the home, in a completely new way.

“The partnership with Indentive further strengthens Artificial Solutions abilities to address new areas of IOT and to explore new customer segments. We are very excited about this partnership and to have Indentive’s IOT platform, Connective, linked to TENEO.”

Gareth Walters, VP Innovation and Community, Artificial Solutions

When becoming a part of people’s everyday lives, security means a great deal

When becoming a part of people’s everyday lives, security means a great deal. At Indentive we want to make the lives of people easier, more comfortable and more secure through digitalization and the usage of IoT-technology through our platform Connective IoT. We value stability and security which is why we see Irdeto, with nearly 50 years of expertise in security, as a perfect fit. Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications for media and entertainment, gaming, connected transport and IoT connected industries. They help customers protect their brands and revenues, prevent cyber crimes and, in symbiosis with customers, enable the creation of new and secure offerings.

“Indentive understands the importance of building security into the home IoT network from the ground-up. This proactive strategy will see consumers better protected from hacking and IoT vulnerabilities.”

Jaco Du Plooy, Vice President of IoT Security, Irdeto

Pioneering the connected society

Kalejdo is the leading provider of TV-operator services for Swedish open city networks and have opted for the Connective TV middleware for their customer deployments. In addition Kalejdo is marketing the Connective IoT technology platform as a part of the Kalejdo “Sakernas stadsnät” open service platform towards the same Swedish based customer group. Kalejdo is an important partner to Indentive and a pioneer in fullfilling the vision of a connected society.

“Indentive is a most valued partner and together we have a long and successful history in delivering high value TV/Media services and technology to the Kalejdo customer base. The technical solutions and services of Indentive has been, and continues to be, absolutely essential for Kalejdo in securing business growth. Therefore, it was an easy and logical choice for us to continue the cooperation with Indentive also when it comes to us extending our business into IoT.”

Erik Dahlström, CEO of Kalejdo Bredband AB



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